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Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

In need of a commercial water softener, deionized water, or any other type of industrial water treatment?

Then Your Culligan Man is Here To Help!

As a world leader in both commercial and residential water filtration, Culligan has been providing homes, businesses, and factories with the ideal water treatment solutions for over 75 years. Local dealerships with global oversight ensure that no one is better equipped than Culligan to deliver customized solutions to any water issues that affect your business and your bottom line. Culligan commercial products are used in a variety of industries including restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, medical facilities and many, many more.

Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

  • Bulk DI water Options
  • Automated Deionizers
  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Chemical Feed
  • And more!

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Industrial Water Softeners & Water Treatment

We have a well established history of application and service to a myriad of equipment ranging from the simplest of taste and odor filter to the food service industry, to the large softener systems to the hospitality industry, to the complex progressive flow softeners and filters as well as, reverse osmosis systems used in manufacturing.

We have experience in the design, application, and maintenance of several municipal systems, big and small. We specialize in the application of the latest technology in the industry, including brine reclaiming systems and portable exchange deionizers. Enter your zip code above to get in touch with the water treatment specialist in your neighborhood!